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Breaking Away Masi


Do you remember that scene in Breaking Away, with Dave (played by Dennis Christopher) racing alongside a semi?  And do you remember the joy on his face?  That’s the joy I feel when I’m on a bike.  And probably the joy you feel when you’re on a bike.
That joy for me carries through to the beautiful hardware that goes along with cycling — the bicycles, of course, but also all the parts, down to the smallest perfectly tooled quick release skewer, and all the accessories that make riding even more of a pleasure.
In Los Angeles, California, where I live, the cycling is year round, so I get to test a lot of what’s out on the market, and I started this blog to share my firsthand impressions.  I hope you’ll find them useful and even occasionally entertaining.
Please send your comments or questions to – I’m always happy to hear from Velospeak readers.
Cycle on!
Alex Yust

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