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Assos T.rallyShorts_s7


Assos Rally Shorts
The Assos T.rallyShorts_s7 are the company’s first foray into the mountain biking domain. The line consists of one pair of shorts and two jerseys. I received the shorts some time ago, and it’s time to give some insight into this top end offering from Assos. To begin, I admit I no longer have a mountain bike, but I do have a wonderful gravel grinder, as they seem to be called these days. In other words, a road bike that can handle just about any fire road you can point it down. I figured these shorts would be ideal for this type of ride, so off I went in search of the dirt roads of the Santa Monica Mountains.


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Hiplok Gold


Hiplok is an English company specializing in bicycle security. As the name suggests, these are locks meant to be carried around the waist. The newest offering from the company is the Hiplok Gold. This is their highest rated lock, with a secure gold rating. The chain is 10mm hardened steel while the padlock is 12mm hardened steel. The lock weighs 5.3 pounds, and ships with three replaceable coded keys. This is serious security for those wanting to keep their rides safe from the hands of bike thieves.

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Vela Double Blanket
The cross country trip afforded the opportunity to try out several different products, and now that I seem to have settled back into life in LA, I thought I would begin highlighting a few that were standouts. At the top of the list is the Therm-a-Rest Vela Double Down blanket. As we are fortunate to have the VW Camper, a full bore sleeping bag is not really necessary. Instead, I had wanted some sort of blanket that would work well in the van, and that would suit a variety of temperatures. The Vela is that blanket. The first night of camping in Arizona was on the cool side, and the blanket was perfect. (more…)

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Onomichi U2


A repurposed warehouse built in 1943 near the city of Hiroshima now serves as a 28 room hotel catering to the cyclist. Hooks on the wall of each room accommodate bicycles, and there is even a bike shop built into the complex. The project was designed by the Suppose Design Office headed by Makoto Tanijiri. He is an avid cyclist, so many of the design features in the hotel are based on firsthand wants and desires. Now we need to get something like this going in the States. Head over to Architectural Record for more information and photos. (more…)

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Calfee & Effeto Mariposa


Calfee Dragonfly Adventure


The road trip has ended, and last weekend I had to face up to the effects of not having ridden for over 5 weeks. At just shy of half a century old, I find that it gets more difficult to rebound from bouts of inactivity. Sunday’s ride would be the test, and just to make it more interesting, I threw in a very late night prior to my morning ride. So, with little sleep, no riding in over a month, and various other excuses, I hopped aboard the Calfee and headed up to Nichols Canyon. (more…)

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