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Like Learning To Ride A Bike

This holiday season has been wonderful. Having two young children, I am able to enjoy the world through their eyes, and seeing them counting down the days to Christmas reminded me of the excitement the holidays bring. Excitement was also in play on a short trip to Mammoth. The kids have skied before, but on this trip, something clicked. It’s a similar reaction to taking the training wheels off the bike. The awe and wonder they experience as they realize they can do it all by themselves is a beautiful thing to watch. I was able to see it when they learned how to ride, and once again this week as they learned how to ski. Here at Velospeak, it’s about more than just being on two wheels, much more.


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Ciamillo Gravitas SL Road Calipers and Crankset Give Away

On January 22nd, 2013, Ciamillo Cycling will be giving away a Gravitas SL Road Caliper and Crankset combo. The crankset will be shipping shortly, and is one of the most beautiful cycling components to date. This is an opportunity to win something incredibly exclusive and stunning. To enter, please follow this link, and remember to enter “Velospeak” in the message box.

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Eric Ernest Johnson @ Shelter Half

La Brea Avenue is slowly converting to a street well worth walking. The new stores and restaurants springing up on the avenue are bringing new found pedestrian life to a street dominated by automobile traffic. A+R, Garrett Leight, and Shelter Half have all sprung up on the 100 South block of La Brea. I spent a bit of time in Shelter Half looking through the varied goods they carry. Everything in the store is American made, a premise I can get behind. Mission Workshop, Commune Design, Save Khaki and a host of others are featured. Rene Holguin’s label, RTH has some beautiful pieces, as does Stormy Monday with their eclectic goods ranging from jeans to chopping blocks. A stand out are the mobiles created by Eric Ernest Johnson. There are four hanging in one row, and they are quite beautiful. I must add a bit of a disclaimer, as I’ve known Eric most of my life, and I’ve loved his art all along. More of his art can be seen at Shelter Half does a great job of presenting a wonderfully eclectic selection of merchandise, and a great atmosphere in which to see them.

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