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Interbike, The List #4

Sidi is releasing the top of the range Wire Collection this fall. The shoes incorporate their own Techno 3 ratcheting system which should provide for an even fit around the entire foot. There are three different versions in the range, one with a Speedplay SP Carbon sole, another with the Wire Vent Carbon sole for standard three hole cleats, and the Wire Vent Carbon Women, a shoe specifically for women. I still have and use 16 year old Sidi Dominator mountain bike shoes, and they work as well today as they did when new. Sidi reliability and fit are a cornerstone of their products, and I suspect the Wire will continue in that tradition.

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Interbike, The List #3

This photo of the Salsa Vaya Travel has reignited my desire for a travel bike. Stainless steel tubing, disc brake mounts, and S & S Couplers elevate this to the top of my list of production bikes. I am really looking forward to seeing this at Interbike. There is a great post on the Salsa website describing the design process behind the Vaya Travel, a process that included real world travel. Through this process, it was decided that the Alternator dropouts would be used for ease of packing the bike, as well as offering the option to run an internally geared hub, or going single speed. This frameset is meant for travel to the farthest reaches of the globe.

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Interbike, The List #2

Light and Motion are an amazing company producing lights for biking, diving, and sport. I’ve written often about their amazing product line, specifically the Urban 500. Now the company has upped the output to 550 lumens, hence the new designation of Urban 550. At Interbike, I am looking forward to seeing the Taz 1200, a top of the range crossover light. As the name suggests, its output is 1200 lumens. This seems mildly insane to me as the Urban 500 was already blindingly bright at 500 lumen output. The Taz 1200 should easily alert drivers to your presence while making it possible to see the terrible state of the streets in your city.

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Interbike, The List #1

Interbike is only a few weeks away, so I’ve been formulating a list of what I’m excited to see at this year’s show. First up on the list is the Whispbar by Yakima. The base rack has been available for a bit now, but the accessories are beginning to make their way to store shelves this fall. Most interesting to me is the fork mount bike carrier. It looks like an amazing piece of sculpture, and in keeping with the line’s name, it is one of the quietest systems available. I think this rack package will complement any car it rides atop of. awarded the WB200 bike fork mount Best of Show at the Outdoor Retailer show last month, a well deserved honor.

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Cervo Rosso CR Strada S3

Cycling bibs are certainly one of the most personal items any cyclist will ever purchase. There are very strong opinions about one brand versus another amongst cyclists. In my opinion, the best way of testing such an item is a ride of 50 miles or more. Most bibs do fine for anything shorter than that, but hit 50 miles, and everything changes. What you thought was comfortable suddenly becomes an object of extreme discomfort. So, in order to try out the new Cervo Rosso CR Strada S3 bibs I needed a good long ride. I set out from my home on what turned out to be the first day of a two week long heatwave in Southern California. I headed into the valley via Mulholland, and out to Topanga Canyon. I enjoyed the climb, and then the descent to the beach and the cooler temperatures before heading back to Hollywood. The ride totaled out at 60 miles with about 3600 feet of climbing. The entire ride I knew I was supposed to be thinking about something, but my mind wandered off into that wonderful state where ideas start flowing. It wasn’t until mile 55 or so that I realized I was wanting to form an opinion on the Strada bibs. I hadn’t thought about them because they performed perfectly. Or, to put it bluntly, my bottom felt no pain whatsoever even after finishing up the ride. I chalk this up to the design and quality of the Strada bibs. The HG11 Technology padded insert is nothing short of miraculous. The 3 panel Xtra Life Lycra construction with flatlock stitching and soft elastic silicone leg grippers round out the package. The Cervo Rosso CR Strada S3 bibs are true performers begging for long rides in the saddle. Cervo Rosso has added more fuel to the debate of best bibs, something I welcome.

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