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The Jersey Project

There is something about cycling jerseys that captures the imagination. This book looks to capitalize on that magic, and presents beautiful color photos of jerseys. Available here.

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Aether Apparel

I was pleased to discover that Aether Apparel is a neighbor. They are at Melrose and Seward, which is close to home and office. As announced on their blog, they have opened a retail location within their offices that is open to the public Tuesday through Friday, noon to 5pm. The space is well designed and very beautiful, and highlights their product line nicely. As for the product, it is all made either in Los Angeles or Canada, keeping it a North American operation. The Transit jacket is the most cycling friendly product, but I am equally impressed with the Cloud jacket for those days on the ski slopes. I’m looking forward to bringing you first hand impressions of both.

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Look Quartz Carbon Ti Pedals

LOOK invented the clipless pedals back in 1984. The concept was floating around earlier, in fact as far back as 1895, but LOOK’s approach was the first commercially successful application. Bernard Hinault won his fifth Tour de France in 1985 with the first LOOK Automatic Pedals. I’ve been using the road pedals for some time, and have them on the road bike and track bike. I absolutely love them, especially the KEO Blade pedals. An incredibly substantial and solid platform, and a very solid locking mechanism. They are also light, very light. It occurred to me to try the mountain pedals, specifically the Quartz Carbon Ti, based on my satisfaction with the road pedals. I have experience with mountain pedals such as Shimano and Crank Brothers, but have never been completely happy with either. For the cross bike, I decided to give the LOOK pedals a try, and based on two weeks of riding, it was the correct choice. Like the road pedals, they have very solid platforms. They are also very easy to engage, so much so, that I already feel as if I’ve been using them for years. It’s all automatic and easy. The ultimate test will be how they handle mud, and as soon as we have some rain in sunny Southern California, I’ll put them to the test. For now, I’m happy to stick with the company that invented the Automatic Pedal.

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LA Auto Show

Last week I made my yearly trek to the LA Auto Show. I’ve been going since I was a kid, and it seems to be a tradition I haven’t been able to break. I am a cyclist, but I still love cars, or so I thought. This year the atmosphere was better, but the cars were not. Very little looked interesting, and when I got home and looked at the photos I had taken, I discovered almost all the pictures were of the bicycles at the show. It got me thinking maybe cars don’t do it for me any longer. In fact, the screen savers on my computers used to be of vintage Porsches, but now they are of Porsche bicycles. People do change.

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