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Golden Saddle


I’ve neglected posting about a new shop here in Los Angeles that is definitely worth a visit. Golden Saddle has opened in Silverlake. The shop is in an older building with lots of character and a fireplace. As of this writing, the shop carries Focus bikes, Raleigh bikes, and Linus bikes. Clothing comes courtesy of Swrve Cycling. The shop is well laid out, and with time, the inventory will be amazing judging from what they already have on the shelves. The mechanic is also top notch with quite the resume from what I’ve been told. All in all, a nice addition to the cycling community in Los Angeles.

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Sueshiro Sano

This is the latest creation from Sueshiro Sano. It is made from mahogany and weighs approximately 17 pounds as shown. It is a remarkably beautiful bicycle, and I only wish I could have a ride on it to see what a wood cycle feels like. His website shows each and every bike he’s made to date, as well as the boats he’s made. Very cool stuff.

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