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Fair Wheel Gallery

Fair Wheel Bikes is opening a gallery in Portland. This will allow everyone in the area to see some of the incredible bikes showcased at Interbike and beyond. Following is text from their website.

At Interbike last year we loosely tossed around the idea of a permanent gallery devoted to bicycles and components. That conversation, which at the time seemed to be just a bit of day dreaming, has now turned into an actual reality for us. We are proud to announce that March 4th and 5th we’ll host the grand opening of Het Fair Wheel Podium in Portland Oregon. A permanent gallery dedicated to innovation and art in cycling. The gallery located at 600 NW Naito Parkway will be home to the custom project bikes that we create in house as well as a place to showcase work by custom frame builders and manufacturers who want to think outside the box and create things that are a bit different. It will also be a place for us to exhibit a lot of the high end components that are rare enough in the U.S. that most people never get a chance to see and touch them in the flesh.

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Mission Workshop

Mission Workshop is carrying Aether apparel in their San Francisco location. Following is an excerpt from the Mission Workshop site.

Aether utilizes technologically advanced fabrics in more sophisticated forms, the Aether apparel collection offers sportswear for the outdoor enthusiast who wants function without sacrificing modern design and aesthetics.

Aether was created because Palmer West and Jonah Smith felt there was a gap in the market. As outdoor sport enthusiasts, they found their shopping options were often limited when looking for new gear. They could opt for the obvious performance-driven clothing lines, thus sacrificing design and style, or shop the more aesthetically pleasing lines and sacrifice performance. Being in their mid-thirties, they are no longer comfortable with the youth-oriented brands that made them look like teenagers on the ski slopes. To West and Smith, design and function should be equally weighted.

Mission Workshop San Francisco is proud to carry a selection of their jacket shells.

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Rapha + Paul Smith

I admit it. I have a thing for Rapha. Everything they make is top notch, and I’d be happy wearing any of it. I already own more Rapha than I care to admit, but I must say, upon seeing the latest offerings, I need more. Paul Smith is another marque I like very much, so this latest collaboration is a perfect fit for me. There are polos, hoodies, city shirts, and much more. I look forward to seeing the collection when it arrives.

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